Below is a variety of excellent resources for self-advocacy groups and individuals with disabilities who wish to learn more about self-advocating.

Useful Links

Our useful links page includes categorized links to external resources covering a wide range of disability and self-advocacy related topics. It includes access to Government Websites & Programs, Resources on Independent Living, Employment Resources, Disability-Related Organizations, Blogs, and much more.

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SARTAC Self-Advocacy Group Resources

Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC), a project of SABE, provides a tremendous number of resources for self-advocacy groups on their website. You can access resources by topic. Topics include Accessibility, Advocacy, Building Strong Boards, Event Planning, Fundraising, Getting People Involved, Keeping Track of Money, Running an Organization, Social Media, and many more.

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Self-Advocacy Online

Self-Advocacy Online, part of the Research and Training Center on Community Living at The University of Minnesota, is an excellent resource you can use to find a self-advocacy group in your area, learn more about self-advocacy, hear stories from other self-advocates, and more.

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SABE’s Autism Now team presented webinars on a variety of disability-awareness and self-advocacy topics, including Allies and Advisors, College, Dating, Parenting, Voting and more. You can listen to the webinars and also download a copy of each PowerPoint.

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In addition to SABE news, the SABE blog features articles relating to disability law and self-advocacy topics. You can view SABE’s latest news and also browse past posts by category.

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R-Word Resources

The follow PDF and video cover the topic of the “R” word and getting rid of it! The Resource Links PDF contains resources you can use to learn more about the topic and get involved in removing the word from common use.

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